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Fallen Marine Program

Fallen Marine Program Brochure
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One of the primary objectives of the Marine Corps League (MCL) is to recognize and honor Fallen Marines.  The MCL is honored to present the Fallen Marine Program for ALL current or honorably discharged Marines and offer our condolences to the family.   This MCL Fallen Marine Program goes above and beyond what the USMC is required to provide.  The Fallen Marine Program normally takes place at the deceased Marine’s Wake. 

Many of our fellow Marines are passing without notice.  Some receive graveside services from the U.S. Marine Corps, VFW or other organizations when formally requested.  For most, however, the only notice received is a line in the obituary column stating “served in the U.S. Marine Corps”. 

It is the goal of the Corporal Pete Arnold Detachment 1198 to recognize and honor every honorably discharged Marine that falls within Harford County and the surrounding area. The veteran has earned this honor and deserves it to be
done in a professional  manner without any cost.

How do I request a Fallen Marine Program ?

1. Contact the Funeral Director
and they can work directly with the Marine Corps League.

2. Contact the MCL directly by email at
or phone  443-477-0670 / 443-243-2430

Who is eligible for the Fallen Marine Program ?

 Honorably Discharged Marines
Honorably Discharged FMF Navy Corpsman
Active Duty & Reserve Marines
Active Duty & Reserve FMF Navy Corpsman

How long is the Fallen Marine Program ?

The entire program lasts about 10 minutes.

When should I notify the MCL of the passing of my Marine ?

As soon as possible. Even if the wake/funeral details are not yet complete. It is important
to give the MCL enough time to muster the troops to attend the service.

Pre-notification of a Marine in hospice is ok. 
Sometimes a final visit from Marines to their dying brother or sister is possible. 
They are always a moving experience for everyone involved.

When will the MCL perform the Fallen Marine Program ?

The service is typically performed at the evening wake, but will be performed
if requested at another time.


Every Fallen Marine deserves full Military Honors.  The Funeral Director should contact the United States Marine Corps (USMC) to request an Official Burial Detail.  The USMC Burial Detail usually comprises 3 Active Duty Marines (2 Flag Folders and a Bugler).  The Detail normally attends the final burial at the cemetery.  If the Marine will be cremated and there is no burial, then the USMC detail will attend the wake. 

While the Funeral Director calls a special phone number at USMC Headquarters to arrange for
the Burial Detail, the Marines are dispatched from a local USMC or USMC Reserve unit.
Typically Harford County is served by the  4th Combat Engineer Battalion in Baltimore.

The MCL Fallen Marine Program is meant to compliment (not replace) the USMC Detail.

We are Marines!
We improvise, adapt and overcome.
Special circumstances are not a problem.
The MCL & USMC will work together to honor your Fallen Marine.

Please call us if you have questions.
443-477-0670 / 443-243-2430

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